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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rosette Tree

In this post, I talked about my Rosette Pomeander and how much I loved it. Well, after cleaning up all of the holiday-ness around the house, I decided to use Betz White's rosettes for another project - two Rosette Trees for my dining room table.

I started out with five colors of felt. I only used four colors for the pomeander. Really, the more colors you have, the better the final project will look. It bugged me a little when two rosettes of the same color were too close together. For the two trees, I used two sheets of felt in each color, and cut out ten two-inch circles from each sheet.

Spiral cuts!

And the rosette... easy peasy!

Fabric glue and a pretty pin in the middle...

Going up the tree...

Voila! Two perfect Rosette Trees.

Items purchased:
2 sheets of five colors of felt (Michael's and JoAnn's. Michael's had the ruby, but did not have any of the pinks. JoAnn's had all of the pinks but not the ruby. Go figure.)
Package of 2 styrofoam trees (JoAnn's)

Items owned:
Fabric glue, pins, scissors. The pins and glue were left over from the pomeander.

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