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Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring is springing!

You remember all of those bulbs I planted last fall, right? Here's what's going on in my front bed right now!

Giant ruby specie crocus. I think these were the first to bloom. I thought they would be less purple and more red.

Blue pearl crocus.

Snowdrops had a poor showing this year. Maybe it was the couple of warm snaps that we had this year, or because I took the straw covering off too late for their liking.

This one is absolutely beautiful. And was a mistake. I bought White Excelsior Dutch Iris, and while this is definitely an iris, it's the wrong one. And I love it.

Joan of Arc crocus.

Prins Claus crocus. These are breathtaking. I love them.

I've got my herb pots started on the back deck, a strawberry pot full of baby strawberry plants, and some veggies under my greenhouse lamp in the kitchen. It's my first year for the greenhouse lamp, I'll take pictures and post updates.

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