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Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Gardening

That's a lot of bulbs! The breakdown:
White Excelsior Dutch Iris (Merrifield Garden Center) - 10
Pink Jewel Late Tulip (MGC) - 20
Cheerfulness Double Narcissus (MGC) - 20
Salome Daffodils (Tulip World) - 35
Misty Glenn Daffodils (American Meadows) - 16
White Ranunculus (TW) - 10
Carnegie Hyacinth (MGC) - 10
Allium Neapolitanum (TW) - 25
Giant Snowdrops (AM) - 15
Wild Blue Star Flower (AM) - 30
Prins Claus Crocus (TW) - 25
Blue Pearl Wild Crocus (AM) - 25
Ruby Giant Specie Crocus (TW) - 25
Joan of Arc Crocus (TW) - 25

I ordered the TW and AM bulbs online several months ago during their 50% off pre-order sale. MGC is very close to me, and I am always impressed with the knowledge of the staff and the quality of their stock. They are, however, pretty expensive. But you do get what you pay for...
We should have color pretty much all of late winter through early summer. It was my original plan to plant some summer bloomers in the spring, but at this point the bed is so full of bulbs that I am positive I would cut them with the spade if I tried to dig in there anymore. I will have to think of something else for that area when the time comes.

Pansies, the 97 cent special at Craven's Nursery & Pottery in Fairfax, VA. I also picked up a very pretty blue glazed strawberry pot for next year (in the background of the above picture) for $20, at 60% off. I have lots of medium and small pots from when we lived in a condo and only had a balcony, and yet every year I feel the need to buy more! I just love container gardens.

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