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Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Crewcuts Inspired" ribbon necklace

I had bought these gorgeous black and yellow 10mm rounds back in April from a seller on Etsy (boxesnbeads whose page has since closed), and have been looking for something to do with them ever since.

I came across the "Crewcuts Inspired" ribbon necklace on Samster Mommy and decided to give it a whirl. Since my beads are smaller than the ones used in the tutorial, I used embroidery thread. Once I started using needles to thread the beads, the project became so much easier.

And... tada! My very own "Crewcuts Inspired" ribbon necklace. I can't wait to show it off!

Items purchased: 10mm Millefiori rounds (Etsy seller boxesnbeads)
9mm Bobbin Ribbon (Michael's)

Items already owned: hot glue gun, black embroidery thread, large-ish needles

Time spent: about 30 minutes from first bead strung to completion.

In retrospect: the embroidery thread kept getting caught in itself. Next time I'll separate the strands.
Difficulty: Piece of cake.

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