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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I don't think I've ever mentioned how much I like being told what to do. Seriously. I didn't used to be this way, but now I totally am. I look for crafts with tutorials. I use patterns for my knitting projects. I rely on book bloggers and my online book club members to tell me what to read. I don't have the time or the patience to screw up, or to read bad books. Except for Eat Pray Love which I forced myself to finish because a good friend told me it was AMAZING and the only thing I learned from that experience was to never read books she thinks are amazing.

And when shopping online, I always, always, always sort by rating. Sure, that's a great way to fall in love with things you can't afford, but nobody really needs to eat lunch EVERY day.

It all started when a blog I read linked to a tutorial of how to fold a fitted sheet. My first response? Now that's hilarious. Who cares! Then I went over to check it out. Then I tried it*. And I swear, angels sang. Then it dawned on me. If I'm going to take the time to do something, like fold a fitted sheet, I might as well do it well. And there really isn't any need to reinvent the wheel, is there?

So how excited was I to find http://www.theartofdoingstuff.com/? How to arrange a bookshelf! How to put flowers in a vase! How to appear to be a talented awesome person while putting forth only the minimum effort**!

*Step 1: Turn the sheet inside out.
2: Hold the sheet up longwise, putting your hands INTO the fitted pockets (I know this sounds weird but you gotta try it.)
3: Bring your hands together, and fold one pocket over the other pocket. You now have one hand inside 2 pockets.
4: Repeat step 3 for the other side. You now have both hands inside 2 pockets.
5: Bring your hands together, and fold the pockets from one hand over the pockets on the other hand. All your pockets are together now, and your sheet should be in a rectangle.
6: Fold over as needed to fit in your storage space.
7: Give yourself a gold star, because they're shiny.

**Seriously, some days I'm just excited if I get to leave the house without spit-up on my shirt and play-dough in my hair.

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