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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nestie Exchange Ornaments

A while back, I entered a Secret Santa Handmade Ornament Exchange. After going through a bunch of patterns on Ravelry, I decided to go for the Alpaca Sox Mini Socks. I chose this pattern for several reasons - the first being the raves and comments from the other users on Ravelry's forum. I've learned that whenever there are a ton of questions about a pattern, there is usually a misprint or some other issue with the pattern. Second, I'd never knit a sock before, and this pattern used mostly familiar stitches while introducing only a few new ones. So I could feel familiar, but still learn something new without being completely lost. Finally, there really isn't a gauge for this pattern. I mean, nobody's going to wear it, so it didn't really matter what kind of yarn I used.

I used the Lily Sugar n Cream yarn in four different colors, including the two Twists. I like the Lily yarn for project like this, it's easy to handle and cheap.

Items purchased:
4 balls of yarn (JoAnn's)
Size 6 double pointed needles (Michael's)

What did my Secret Santa give me? I got these adorable snowmen ornaments representing my family. I love them! I'm not going to 'out' my Santa, because she doesn't have a blog herself. But you know who you are! Thanks!

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