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Monday, November 1, 2010

Arachnophobia and other decorations

It's about time I posted our Halloween and Fall decorations. I wanted to have them all in the same place so that nothing would get lost.

Fake spiderwebs and these glorious orange and black spiders are making appearances around our house. Both from Michael's.

Party centerpieces. Pumpkins and squash are real (the squash is actually from my garden). One glass vase is filled with black and orange spider rings, white skull rings and purple bad rings. The shorter vase is filled with ping pong ball "eyes". Vases are left over from other events, rings and eyeballs are from Michael's.

I was attempting to get a better view of the display skull. It's a styrofoam skull (Michael's) on a platter (Haviland china, my great-grandmother's), underneath an upside-down vase.

Laundry door spiders and web. The web is white yarn, the spiders are created using Sew Woodsy's online tutorial.

I used 2" puffballs and glitter felt (you can't actually see the felt, it's just what I had on hand).

Cut the felt into roughly the same shape and size as your puffball. Hot glue 4 pipe cleaners on each side, add more glue and press the puffball into the center of the felt circle.

Attach googly eyes!

Items purchased:
4 2" puffballs, smaller black puffballs, googly eyes (Michael's)
Black pipecleaners (Michael's)
White yarn (Michael's)
Already owned:
Black felt
Hot glue gun
Time spent: Roughly 20 minutes for 4 spiders, 5-ish minutes to hang the spider web
Difficulty: Very easy.

The painted pumpkins on the table were created by a toddler at a birthday party.

This was a wonderful idea, kept the kids busy and was a project that multiple ages could participate it. Sophie painted two pumpkins, a sugar pumpkin and a mini-pumpkin. A blast was had by all.

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