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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice


My goal for 2010 was to read 100 books. I met my challenge with my last book, Bag of Bones by Stephen King. Instead of setting a new goal for myself, I'm just going to continue being an overachiever. :)

Book #101 for 2010 was The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice. I read the first book in this series, Interview with a Vampire, and had traded to get the second two books The Vampire Lestat and The Vampire Armand, which sat on a shelf for a very long time. I dug them out intending to read them during the RIP V challenge, but... life happened. I had a couple books come in from the library that I wanted to get through first.

The Vampire Lestat is the story of Lestat, first introduced as Louis's maker in Interview with a Vampire. It begins with Lestat's re-awakening in 1984, then goes waaaay back in time to when Lestat was a human, telling the story of how he became a vampire and the stories of a couple older vampires.

This book, while containing a lot of action, is more character-driven than plot-driven. We are able to see how Lestat changes and becomes what and who he is, as well as how Louis's depiction of him in the first book was inaccurate and unfair. I really enjoy Rice's writing style, but this book did have several dragging parts. I didn't fly through it like I did Interview.

3/5 stars

This book is available from Amazon.com, but my copy is from Paperbackswap.com, where you can trade books you no longer need for credits to get books from other readers.

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